Elizabeth is a freelance writer and lifetime Pittsburgher who resides in the North Hills. Her essays have been published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Quarterly, and she is a winner of the 2020 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Bad Writing Contest. She has worked in adult literacy, at a financial investment firm, as a kindergarten teacher’s aide, as a debt collector, and as an entrepreneur. Her B.A. in English from the University of Dayton and her M.B.A from Duquesne University provide her with the unusual combination of being able to “cook the books” and also write a concise, grammatically-correct statement denying all wrongdoing.

According to her family, she “cries way too easily and laughs way too loudly.” Elizabeth thinks that this is a wonderful way to be. A slightly below-average mom of three slightly above-average teenagers, she spends her days working from home, driving her family nuts and writing mildly amusing articles about it. She loves running and is proud to say she is one of the 12 people in the world who can’t get enough bluegrass music.